Opus Mind by Opus Connect is a community of middle market M&A professionals. Opus Mind operates as a peer-to-peer collective, challenging members to push for authentic interactions, question old ways of thinking, and champion mutual growth.

As an Opus Mind member, you’re part of a curated community where members act as resources for one another. Within this group, you’ll build connections across the M&A industry, thereby honing professional networks and personal growth. Opus Mind will support your business development goals through personalized interactions that help shape essential, long-term relationships, enhancing your industry IQ and strengthening your deal network.

Membership to Opus Mind is by invitation only. Once admitted, members gain unparalleled access to top-tier professionals through structured, virtual meetings with the goal of forging meaningful, lasting connections that benefit both personal and professional objectives.

Opus Mind members enjoy the following benefits:  

  • Engage in two-hour monthly virtual meetings with 8-12 like-minded middle market professionals, facilitated by selected Opus Mind moderators 
  • Access to exclusive content, discussion topics, and timely resources that help achieve successful business outcomes
  • Facilitate connections within your group to partner on current or future transactions
  • Exchange referrals for new business and facilitate deal flow
  • Access to a members-only directory and personalized group chats (WhatsApp)

For more information, including pricing, please contact Lou Sokolovskiy, CEO Opus Connect at lou@opusconnect.com 

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